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Acai Berry?



Purchase Acai Berry - Discover Where To Get Acai Online & Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

If you are looking for the best way to purchase Acai berry online, then keep reading - you've come to the right place!

People around the world have become obsessed with this little berry coming from Amazon rain forests. It's true - Acai Berry has outstanding health benefits and that is exactly what drives many people (including you) to go and buy Acai Berry online.

There are many clinical tests and researches which have proved effectiveness of Acai Berry. Even in most controlled lab tests, the researchers were able to establish the facts that Acai is super food for all people!

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What should you look out for before you purchase Acai Berry product?

  • Keep away from "free trial" offers. Those are nothing but scams by companies that just want to rip you off and get your hard earned money. You will be put on an automatic re-billing system and every month they will send you new Acai Berry packages and will take away money from your credit card, whether you want it or not! Don't forget - there's no such thing as free lunch. Nobody will ever give you Acai berry for free; if they do, there's probably a catch somewhere.
  • Avoid sites that mention Oprah, Dr Oz and other celebrities. Keep in mind - those celebrities have NEVER endorsed any of the Acai Berry products. Companies just use those people's names in order to attract more customers and increase believability in their product.
  • Keep away from sites that use before/after photos that obviously look like fakes. Today's computer technology is so advanced that it enables companies to make very realistic before/after photos, where a person on a "before" photo looks really obese and on the "after" photo looks like a photo model. Don't believe those photos! As we said, majority of those photos are artificially made on the computer.
  • Make sure that that you can find real contact information on the website. Look for "Contact us" page or similar. Try to find both phone numbers AND real postal address of a company. If in doubt, call them BEFORE you place your order and ask them any questions you might have. If a company is real and legitimate, they won't have any problems answering your questions.
  • Read Terms and Agreements. Yes, it's true - nobody likes to read those long pages but it doesn't hurt to go over it real quick and make sure it's all understandable.
  • If Acai Berry pills are cheap, run away! Acai Berry products are not cheap at all. Keep in mind that normal price for 1 month package of real Acai Berry pills is about $40-$50. If they offer you a box of Acai pills for $20 or lower, run as fast as you can!
  • Make sure that Acai pills don't contain useless fillers, binders and other harmful ingredients. For example, make sure that a pill doesn't contain caffeine, as it could give you very bad side effects.
  • Purchase Acai Berry products that contain minimum 1,000 mg of Acai Berry. This is the absolute minimum and below this you shouldn't go. Ideally look for Acai supplements with 1,500 mg of Acai Berry per serving, which is more than enough for your daily needs.
  • Buy Acai Berry from those companies that offer you long money back guarantee. Our suggestion is to go for at least 6 months money back guarantee. That way you will have enough time to try the product and see if it works for you or not. Usually if the company is good and legitimate, they won't have a problem offering you long money back guarantee.
  • Make sure that Acai Berry product you are purchasing has proper Certificate of Analysis and ORAC certificate. Certificate of Analysis tells you that what's inside a product is actually REAL and 100% pure Acai Berry and not something else. ORAC certificate shows that Acai berries were immediately freeze dried after they were picked up (this is the only way that these berries will keep their health benefits).

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So, where is the best place to purchase Acai Berry?

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